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December 17, 2012 at 9:48am
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Earwolf Presents: The Christmas Womptacular

Broadcasting live from the the Marina Del Rey Public Library, it’s the Christmas Womptacular! Join intern Marissa Wompler and her co-host Miss Listler as they welcome special guest Scott Aukerman for a reunion of some of Marissa’s nearest and dearest. Eric Gutterman aka “Gutterballs” will be working the levels, Marissa’s step dad Seth will stop by to shed some light on Marissa’s home life and his time in the ROTC, and Miss Listler will be DJing some of her favorite holiday jamz. Tensions will rise, listener questions will be answered and everyone shares their special Christmas wish. Womp Up The Holiday Jamz!

The Womptacular is here! Listler, Seth, Gutterballs, and me, the Choctaw!



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    15/16 year old sometimes intern for Comedy Bang Bang,
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    This was amazing.
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    I’m glad Marissa Wompler finally got her own podcast. I can only wish this becomes a weekly podcast because it’s...
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