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“The WarkaWater gathers water from fog and condensation. Named after an Ethiopian fig tree, it consists of a 30-foot bamboo frame and a nylon net. It was invented by an Italian firm and three of them are shown here in an Ethiopian village.”
Source: NPR


CASE No. 013
Job: Architectural Renderings + Photocollage = Moodboard
Presentation additional sales Material:
Sujets: "How to sell a house? Make it come alive."
Agency: Stockenhuber Design
Designer: Daniela Stockenhuber
Position: Art Director, Creative Director, 3D Artist
Year: 2014

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Kasbah, Rabat | Morocco (by ..Ania.)


Terry Farrell, Climatroffice, c. 1960

(Source: nickkahler)

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Keg Apartment  |  Aristide Antonas - The keg apartment is proposed as a program. One can also recognize different strata of architectural solutions in this work. They are grouped here in two versions. The keg wagons can be detached from their cars and can form more stable units for a certain period. A big circular window can be introduced in the vehicle’s cylinder towards the car’s side with the use of an enforced circular frame. This will give the form of a window open to the driver’s section or to any chosen view if the keg stops in a particular way. The circular window can also serve as a projection screen surface if a special tissue is unfolded. | from architectural-review
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Christo and Jeanne-Claude_Running Fence_1972 1976Sonoma and Marin Counties, California
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brilliant color kitchen